Is this right?

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what inspires you everyday?

I find frustration very inspiring. Also fleeting eye contact.

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What is your deal?

2 cards to every player, face down on the table.  

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6 Weeks 

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i think you will like what happens.

immediately you will notice things
small things…

like the color of your car’s dashboard and the way the sun reflects off of it
the lady in the car next to you adjusting her shoulder pads at…

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is this the future for my children?

is this the future for my children?

Bye Bye Man.

a song for you on my birthday.

Because we know we will one day die, we were given humour as a consolation prize to keep us from becoming insane.

They stare at each other. The echoes of their voices have faded and all we hear is the soft lapping of water against the bathtub and the island. Slowly, smiles begin to creep at the edge of their mouths. The two are making each other laugh, but it is almost a contest—the first to break the silence will lose. There are short spurts, a quick burst of laughter caught between someone’s lips and then silenced again. Then, they cannot contain it any longer, and they erupt in laughter. It is genuine, tender, and rare. Slowly, their laughter dies down, they are happy.

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